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Wisdom Tooth Pain Coral Springs

Have you been experiencing pain at the far back of your mouth? That is probably an impacted wisdom tooth. If you start experiencing these pains, it means that it’s time for your Coral Springs dentist to check them out. There are several reasons why your wisdom teeth might be hurting, like cavities caused by lack of space, impacted teeth, and many more. Delight Dental Smiles, a renowned emergency dental office in Coral Springs, FL, offers wisdom tooth pain treatment to all the residents and visitors of the area.

What are the problems that occur with wisdom teeth?

  • Wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding by pushing the neighboring teeth to shift out of their spaces.
  • Due to difficulties cleaning the wisdom teeth, they are more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum diseases.
  • A wisdom tooth can trap foods and debris, which can result in pain and inflammation.
  • Teeth infection and pus might develop on surrounding teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth often come out at a weird angle resulting in pain, and it might also push your neighboring teeth.


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Causes of wisdom tooth pain

  1. Growing pains- The pain occurs in case your tooth breaks inside the gum, and it might cause slight swelling and soreness
  2. Cavity- If your wisdom teeth do not get enough space to grow, they usually grow very close to the neighboring teeth. The tight space, therefore, becomes hard to clean, making it a prime sport for cavities
  3. Cyst development- a cysts forms due to impacted tooth’s follicle causing pain in your jawbone
  4. Gum diseases- Gum disease is likely to occur due to the location of the tooth and the lack of space that makes it harder to clean.