Broken, Cracked, or Chipped Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth mainly occurs due to accidents and if you receive a blow on your face. If your teeth get broken, chipped, or cracked, you should consult your dentist nearby immediately without any delays.


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What are the Differences between a cracked and a chipped tooth?

  • A cracked tooth is likely to have a small part of the tooth break off or a large chunk that exposes the roots. A cracked tooth does not necessarily mean you have lost a piece of dentition, but rather, there is a division in the tooth. It can be a hairline crack that is not noticeable or a split that reaches down to the root.
  • Chipped teeth are often more noticeable, and you should treat them immediately.?
  • A chipped tooth is usually very painful in the initial stages, while a cracked tooth is not painful, but if left untreated, the crack could deepen, and you could eventually lose your tooth.

Finding an emergency dentist in Coral Springs, FL

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