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Composite Fillings Coral Springs

Composite fillings are tooth-colored fillings that are primarily used for treating cavities. It uses composite resin material for restoring the health of your teeth. The synthetic resin in it is insoluble and gives a good tooth-like appearance. It is quite durable and an affordable cavity treatment option. Delight Dental Smiles offers high-quality composite fillings that would help treat mild to moderate cavities and maintain the aesthetics of your smile.

Advantages of composite fillings

  • A composite filling is very strong and durable.
  • It can be customized to match the color of your natural teeth.
  • A composite filling can fill in a cavity hole on your teeth. Composite filling allows a dentist to remove only the decayed part and leaves as much teeth structure as possible.
  • Composite fillings are highly polishable.
  • Composite fillings are versatile.
  • Composite fillings are repairable.
  • Composite resins bond extremely well to the enamel.


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Types of composite filling treatment

Glass ionomer: They release fluoride that helps to prevent further tooth decay. Due to their weak nature, they are usually used on baby teeth and non-biting surfaces.

Who is a candidate for composite fillings?

Patients who have decays in their teeth mostly opt for composite fillings as they blend with their natural aesthetics. If you have a chipped, broken, or fractured tooth, you can be a good candidate for this filling. It can also be used to fill up dental decays. However, dentists might not recommend these fillings if the issue is with your back teeth. It is because the composite material is not strong enough to withstand hard chewing and bite forces. So your dentist will see the location and condition of your teeth before deciding if you are a candidate for composite fillings.

Getting composite fillings in Coral Springs, FL

If you are experiencing tooth pain or any issues with your tooth fillings, your bite feels uneven, or do you have any questions about composite fillings? Feel free to contact Delight Dental Smiles on (954) 255-3500. You can also visit our dentist office in Coral Springs at 7426 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33067. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.