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Periodic oral examination refers to the regular check-up that you should get at least twice a year. It helps to maintain your oral health and also discovers dental issues, if any, at an early stage. If you have good oral health, it will not take more than 10 minutes to get done with your regular check-up. Contact us at Delight Dental Smiles if you want experienced dentists to check your teeth and maintain your oral health.

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What are the advantages of getting a Periodic Exam?

Early Detection- Going for periodic oral exams gives your dentist the prospect to detect any signs of dental diseases and infections early. This provides them with an opportunity to seek a cure and even treat the infection before spreading.

A Blueprint for Healthy Living- Going for periodic screening promotes healthy living; this is often because periodic oral exams offer you an opportunity to understand your oral health. The dentist will let you know how to maintain your teeth and gums, the type of food beneficial for your dental health, and food to avoid for a healthier oral condition.

The Ultimate Saver of cash and Time- A periodic exam saves you money and time. If you visit your dentist once the damage is already done, the treatment will get costly and time-consuming for you. Also, you might end up compromising your dental health.


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Types of periodic exams offered by your local dentist

Different types of dental exams would include:

  • Comprehensive Exam- Your dentist performs a comprehensive test like carcinoma screening and detection of gum infection. During this process, a dentist performs a thorough screening and takes x rays, if required.
  • Regular Exam- During regular dental examinations, your dentist will check your mouth and see your oral conditions. If you have undergone any procedure previously, the dentist will also check its progress.
  • Limited Exam- Your dentist will perform a limited exam if you’ve got a specific infection in your gums or teeth. For instance, when your dentist treats your mouth for wounds, bleeding gums, toothaches, or other specific issues.

Who is Eligible for Periodic Exam?

Everyone should come for periodic oral examinations at least twice a year to ensure their oral health. The dentist will check your mouth and let you know about all the potential problems that might occur.

Getting a Periodic Exam in Coral Springs, FL

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