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White Spot Removal Coral Springs

There are several possible causes of white spots on the teeth. A typical reason is a dental fluorosis. People typically get this when they are young and consume too much fluoride as a child. Usually, it is a harmless condition that only tends to develop before the teeth break through the gums. However, everyone loves a perfect smile, so white spot removal treatment could be an excellent choice for you. At Delight Dental Smiles, we offer white spot removal treatments. Our treatment makes the white spots disappear within an hour, and it last up to 2 years before a retouch is needed. There is no anesthesia (no needles) required for this treatment.


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White spot removal is a noninvasive procedure (No drilling on teeth) that will get you a step closer to a beautiful smile. This is a perfect procedure for patients who love whitening! And it does not interfere with bleaching treatments.

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