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Dental Fillings Coral Springs

Treatment of tooth cavities is done by removing the decayed material from your teeth and then replacing it with a filling material. The procedure helps prevent the cavities from spreading any further, and it also saves your natural tooth. Apart from this, dental fillings in Coral Springs, FL can also repair cracked or broken teeth. Delight Dental Smiles offers high-quality filling treatment for your teeth in Coral Springs, FL.

What are the types of material that dental fillings are made from?

There are four different types of filling materials, and they are,

  • Porcelain- These are tooth-colored fillings that last for many years (more than composite fillings).
  • Composite resin fillings- These contain tooth-colored and plastic materials.


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What are the advantages of dental fillings?

  • It stops the cavities from growing any further.
  • It improves the overall structure of your tooth.
  • It gives strength to your fractured teeth.
  • Tooth-colored fillings blend with your natural teeth; hence your facial aesthetics are not hampered.
  • It helps to protect your teeth from further decay.

Who is the best candidate for dental filling?

Most of the time, patients do not feel anything after acquiring dental caries or cavities. However, if you have tooth sensitivity, that can be an indication of tooth decay. Check your teeth for black/brown spots or holes in those cases, and if you notice anything like that, get it checked by your dentist nearby. We will check your teeth thoroughly and take oral X-rays if needed. Dental cavities are easily treatable if they are detected at an early stage. If you have a cavity, we would recommend you remove the decay and get fillings immediately.

Finding a dentist near me

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