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Root Canal Coral Springs

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure required when the tooth’s pulp is infected. When the decay becomes deep, it can reach the roots of your tooth, infecting it and causing a lot of pain. At that time, a root canal is the only option to save your natural tooth and eradicate the sharp pain. Dr. Rodriguez at Delight Dental Smiles offers effective root canal treatment in Coral Springs, Florida. The procedure is performed under the influence of local anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain or discomfort.

How Does The Root Canal Treatment Work?

  1. Extirpation is where small files are used to perform an initial cleaning of the root canal to remove the nerve, control infection, and medicate the tooth.
  2. Instrumentation is a detailed cleaning of the root canal to control bacteria and free tooth pain.
  3. Obturation is the process performed when the tooth is pain-free. The root canals are filled with special gutta-percha materials to seal them to complete the root canal treatment. Usually, the root canal takes 30-60 minutes.


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How will I know that my tooth needs a root canal?

Contact your dentist in Coral Springs, FL, immediately if you notice the following symptoms:

  • If you see abscess forming or pus coming out of your gums
  • Persistent pain and soreness
  • If you cannot eat or chew on the tooth
  • High sensitivity to both hot or cold foods and drinks
  • Spontaneous pain that is not triggered by just eating or drinking

Advantages of a root canal

  1. A root canal helps you to get rid of pain and infection in the mouth.
  2. The procedure helps to treat inflamed and sore gums.
  3. Through the root canal, patients can retain their natural teeth, and their functions remain intact.
  4. A root canal can last a lifetime without complications.
  5. Your dentist ensures that the infection will not spread to the neighboring teeth, jawbone, etc.

Types of root canals

  1. Traditional non-surgical root canal treatment. (the most common treatment).
  2. Gentle wave root canal procedure.
  3. Water lase system from BIOLASE.
  4. Root canal retreatment
  5. Endodontic microsurgery

Do I need a crown on my tooth after a root canal treatment?

It is very common for Dr. Rodriguez to recommend placing a crown. The reason is to provide maximum protection for the tooth in the long term. Remember now that you have saved your tooth, the inside part may become brittle and weak. Your tooth will need a crown providing support and protection. A treated tooth lasts a lot longer with a crown on top.

Root Canal Treatment in Coral Springs & Hollywood, FL

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