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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Coral Springs & Hollywood

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove or extract one or more wisdom teeth — Usually, wisdom teeth start growing at 17 years old. Your wisdom teeth are the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth on the top and bottom.

If your wisdom tooth does not have room to grow, the tooth may grow vertically, impacting the surrounding teeth, which is why we call these impacted wisdom teeth. An impacted tooth grows, causing pain, infection, or other dental problems, so you will need to have it pulled by your dentist. Dr. Rodriguez may remove the wisdom tooth at Delight Dental Smiles, but sometimes, an oral surgeon may be required depending on if your tooth is too close to the nerve. Dr. Rodgriguez, your coral springs dentist, will take panoramic or x-rays of your tooth and decide whether you need a referral to an oral surgeon.

Most dentists and oral surgeons recommend wisdom tooth extraction to prevent potential future problems even if the wisdom teeth are not currently causing problems.

Advantages of wisdom tooth extraction

  1. Reduced headaches. Through the removal of wisdom teeth, the intense pressure on teeth is relieved.
  2. Wisdom tooth extraction stops the shifting of other teeth.
  3. There are fewer chances of periodontal diseases.
  4. It stops the risk of infection.
  5. Less crowding means fewer orthodontic problems.
  6. The extract relieves you from pain caused by wisdom teeth.


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Why wisdom tooth is extracted

  1. If your teeth come out at an angle, creating pressure on your other teeth.
  2. Serious problems are likely to occur with impacted teeth, for example, infections, bone cysts, and most likely damage to other teeth.
  3. If your teeth are too impacted, the wisdom tooth forces itself to come out through the gums.
  4. Wisdom tooth extraction prevents gum disease and tooth decay that may be harder to clean than other teeth.

Who can undergo wisdom tooth extraction

  1. Younger people because the wisdom tooth’s root are not fully developed and the jawbone I not as dense
  2. In case of medical conditions that worsen over time

Finding a dentist that can perform wisdom tooth removal in Coral Springs & Hollywood, FL.

It is essential to consider the wisdom tooth removal procedure to avoid dental problems in the future. At Delight Dental Smiles, we offer wisdom tooth extractions at affordable prices. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rodgriguez by calling us at (954) 406-6942 / (954) 406-6897. Our office is located at 7426 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33067, 4310 Sheridan St SUITE 201A, Hollywood, FL 33021. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.