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Oral Cancer Screening Coral Springs

Oral cancer screening refers to thoroughly screening your mouth to find any signs of mouth cancer at an early stage. This helps the affected individual get treatment earlier so that the disease does not become complicated or deadly. Ask your dentist, Dr. Rodriguez, for an oral cancer screening session when you visit Delight Dental Smiles to get your regular oral checkup.

What are the factors that increase the chances of getting oral cancer?

  • If you have a previous history of oral cancer.
  • A history of severe sun exposure increases the chances of getting lip cancer.
  • Tobacco use, for instance, cigarettes, cigar pipes, chewing tobacco, and so on.
  • Chewing betel nuts
  • Being infected with a specific sort of human papillomavirus (HPV).


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How often should one choose oral cancer screening?

Going for early detection of cancer improves your chances of successful treatment. It’s therefore recommended that one should choose cancer screening regularly. Adults in their 20s and 30s should opt for screening once every three years, while those above 40 should have an annual screening. Also, people exposed to risk factors like tobacco and alcohol users and people with a history of oral cancer should request annual oral cancer screening. However, doctors recommend that adults conduct a monthly self-exam and report any changes like white patches, lumps, or sores to a dentist.

Advantages of oral cancer screening

  • Screening helps find cancer earlier before it appears
  • Decreases the probabilities of dying from cancer
  • Early cancer screening improves the probability of successful treatment
  • An oral cancer screening helps identify an early malignant lesion before it gets an opportunity to spread.

Who is eligible for oral cancer screening?

Everyone can get an oral cancer screening; however, the following may be at a higher risk, and should ask their dentist for an oral cancer screening as soon as possible. It is always great to prevent.

  • People who are at high risks of acquiring oral cancer.
  • History of cancer in your family
  • If you have had oral cancer earlier.
  • If you notice white patches, lumps, or sores in your mouth. 6. If You are a heavy tobacco or alcohol consumption.

Oral cancer screening only takes one minute. At Delight Dental Smiles we use a special UV light to check for cancer that could be hiding under the tissue and could go undetected with just visual examination. Call us at (954) 255-3500 and book your appointment today. To get updates on our dental clinic, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.