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Gum Grafting Coral Springs

Gum grafting is an oral surgery that helps to reverse the effects of gum recession. It is a quick and effortless procedure wherein your dentist will replace your recessed gums with healthy gum tissues taken from the roof of your mouth. Gum recession can lead to tooth sensitivity as it exposes your tooth roots. Some people choose gum grafting for cosmetic purposes as well. Gum recession tends to occur very slowly, and many people do not even realize that it’s happening to them. But when left untreated, gum recession can even lead to tooth loss. So if you are feeling sensitivity in your teeth while eating/drinking hot/cold food/beverage, contact your dentist nearby.

Advantages of gum grafting

  • The procedure covers exposed tooth roots and protects them from decay.
  • It helps reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • It improves your smile aesthetics.
  • It also contributes to improving your gum health.


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Types of treatment for gum grafting

  1. Free gingival graft- during the procedure, your dentist removes a small piece of gum from the roof of your mouth and stitches it to the area where the gum erosion has occurred.
  2. Connective tissue graft- your dentist will open a small flap in the roof of your mouth and remove connective tissues from under the layer. They would then stitch this tissue to the required area.
  3. A pedicle graft- Your dentist will create a tissue flap just beside the recessed gum and use that flap to cover the receding gum tissues.

Who’s eligible for gum grafting?

The ideal candidate for this procedure has severe periodontal diseases. The procedure would help to restore the gums that have receded away from your teeth. It will help the patients get a more natural gum line and protect the natural tooth roots. It helps to keep the gum attached to the tooth and prevent pocket formation.

Getting gum grafting treatment in Coral Springs, FL

If you are looking for effective gum grafting treatment in Coral Springs, FL, contact Delight Dental Smiles. Tooth sensitivity is a serious concern and often the initial indicator for receding gums. If you are suffering from it, do not neglect the problem and contact right away. Our dentist in Coral Springs, FL, will be happy to assist you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.