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Dental Bridge Coral Springs

A dental bridge can help fill the gap created by one or more missing teeth in a row. It is held in place by a dental implant or neighboring abutment teeth. The bridge is typically made of the crown and then cemented in place. It is substantially used to restore the aesthetic and function of missing teeth. It helps to rectify several oral issues associated with missing teeth, like bite problems, chewing difficulties, or feeling self-conscious about the way your smile looks. Delight Dental Smiles offer high-quality dental bridges to the patients of Coral Springs and the nearby Florida area.

Advantages of dental bridge

  • Bridges are cost-effective and non-invasive.
  • You will not need to undergo additional procedures like bone grafting.
  • Your speech and pronunciation are restored with bridges.
  • With a dental bridge, the shape of your face is maintained.
  • A dental bridge can re-adjust your bite to distribute the force evenly.
  • A dental bridge lasts long. That means you can use it for more than ten years.
  • Dental bridges do not need a lot of maintenance. You will just have to maintain your oral hygiene.


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Why do you need dental bridges?

A dental bridge can help restore several oral functionalities:

  • It rectifies your bite
  • It prevents the neighboring teeth from moving out of their space
  • It restores your chewing and speaking abilities.
  • It helps you to smile naturally.

Types of treatment for dental bridges

  • A traditional fixed bridge – attaches to healthy teeth on either side of the missing teeth.
  • Implant-supported bridge- It is similar to the traditional fixed bridge, but instead of being cemented, it is held in place by the implants.

Getting dental bridges in Coral Springs, FL

If your bite doesn’t feel right or you have any other issues with your oral functionalities, call Dr. Rodriguez at Delight Dental Smiles. Our phone number is (954) 255-3500. She will thoroughly assess the conditions of your teeth and make high-quality dental bridges that would restore your oral functionalities. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.